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What we do.

Paramita is a small, people-focused firm passionate about organizational development. We address the 3 C’s: Culture, Communication, and Conflict Management. Utilizing principles of organizational psychology we co-create high-touch, custom programs to address onboarding and learning, job satisfaction, professional development, and operational process consulting. From long term change management engagements to weekend retreats, Paramita is here to improve your organization by focusing on your people.

"If it is valuable to your people, it is valuable to Paramita."

Staff Meeting

Organizational Development Consulting

From focus groups to assessment design, we engage your people in a meaningful and productive way. Let us help you be more efficient and effective at what you do through expert process consulting. Creating strategy and goals, measuring progress, managing change and conflict is all part of what we do to help our clients focus on what they do best. 


Communication Training - Individual and Teams

Kantor Assessment Certified.

The Kantor BI provides powerful insights into personal communication styles and how those individual styles impact the team.


Customized Training & Learning Solutions

Does your current training and learning reflect your organization's values? Paramita works with our clients to create customized programs to make employee learning more effective. We offer our DEI framework, succession and selection tools, feedback/review design, and onboarding management, just to name a few! 


Executive Coaching & 360-Reviews

Coaching and development partnered with a number of personal assessments can be just what you need to reach the next level personally and professionally. Sometimes to keep our growth momentum we need someone to help us shape the path and keep us on that path. 

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Corporate Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness is a word that may bring up all kinds of strange associations but the facts are the facts. More and more studies show mindfulness is a source of better job satisfaction, more resilience, and increased task adherence, just to name a few!

People • Leadership • Communication • Structure • Strategy • Process

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