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Image by Jeremy Bezanger
Lyle Foster.jpg

Lyle Foster - Board President/Entrepreneur
Commercial Street Community Improvement District

"The Commercial Street Community Improvement District recently worked with Rhett to have our communication styles assessed and I was favorably impressed. Rhett doesn't know it but I was somewhat apprehensive as we have a full range of ideas and thoughts in our community and I knew it would not be an easy task to make sense of who we are and our style. I can now report Rhett was patient, a consummate professional and highly skilled in his communication craft.  He simply did an awesome job and we thoroughly enjoyed the process and learned very helpful information.  I'm a believer!!"

Aaron Ellis.jpg

Aaron Ellis - HR Director
Prime, Inc.

"Rhett and I worked on a project where we surveyed nearly 600 of our shop associates. Rhett was extremely helpful and energetic in analyzing the data that we received and organizing it so myself and our Director of Maintenance could understand it. Great experience and we would work with him again.”

Image by Jeremy Bezanger
Serena Woods.jpg

Serena Woods - Owner
The Beauty Factory

"In the service industry, we’re constantly around different people who bring their own energy into the room. As service providers who work with other people’s appearances, we have to learn to navigate insecurities, expectations, and various levels of trust as we’re creating. The ideal situation for optimal creativity is being able to occupy one’s space with confidence and control. Doing this with other energy in the space is difficult and requires the type of strong mental control that can only be built by practicing meditation. We knew that we needed an expert to teach us tools we can use as we practice meditation, and then use those same tools as we’re maintaining control of our creative space. Rhett took his time getting familiar with us enough to know where to step in and give us tips to get past our own level of mental strength and self control. Remaining present with our clients is much easier now that we have some very simple and effective tools to employ when we need to come back to our breath. The level of professionalism from this type of awareness is incomparable, and we are so glad we had Rhett help us get there."

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