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What's in a name?

The Paramita Consulting name has its origins across the ocean in a small mountain town in India at the base of the Himalayas.


I had made the trip to India just prior to the beginning of a master's program in organizational psychology. Part of that trip included attending three days of teachings at the Dalai Lama's temple. Every morning at dawn I would start the walk toward the temple carrying my tea cup, notebook, a small FM transmitter (to get live translation), and my sitting cushion. No cell phones, no cameras, no distractions. While listening to the Dalai Lama teach I started to contemplate the idea of the Paramitas, or perfections as it is commonly translated, in the context of this new pursuit into organizational development that was fresh on my mind.


It was the result of several unsatisfactory experiences in the corporate world that I first developed interest in the psychology of happiness, job satisfaction, and how that affects the individual AND the organization. This became the focus of my master's studies. While the Dalai Lama spoke on the value of living in a way that benefits all beings it began to take shape that we could run organizations with that same mindset. As I sat there so far from home in the middle of such an important experience, I wondered what I could take away from the trip that would allow me to use my experience in corporate spaces to help people enjoy life more fully.

As fate would have it Thomas DeAscentis had entered the same master's program at the same time. The very first time I joined a cohort call was from my hotel room in India. That's how I met Thomas officially. Over the next couple of years Thomas and I kept getting put on the same projects together. I admired his intelligence and the quality work he always brought to the table, but what always stuck out to me was how well our approaches complement each other. Between our work together and our mutual love for Arsenal football, we found a quick connection.


Paramita believes in an organization-wide values-based approach to organizational development. True perfection must show up in all areas of an organization and at all levels.


No one is perfect. Luckily, you don't need to be perfect to work toward perfection.

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Meet the team.

Rhett Roberson

Rhett's focus has always been on the people that make organizations work... efficiently or otherwise. He is deeply curious about what provides happiness and motivates individuals. This all focuses around his personal ethos that if work is a necessary part of our lives and we're going to spend 35% of our waking hours doing work, we should enjoy it as much as possible. And ultimately the research related to happiness at work shows that happy employees are more productive, more motivated, more engaged, and more loyal.

Rhett draws from over a decade of experience in the logistics industry where he worked with and consulted for several large multinational corporations. Much of this work requires the ability to capture, interpret, and report on complex data sets. It is advanced problem solving rooted in data. 


The combination of an appreciation for data driven decision making and a focus on psychology of people in an organization puts Paramita in a unique position when it comes to addressing culture. We are passionate about creating great data related to employee wellbeing.

Rhett is based in Springfield, MO with his wife and daughter. In his free time he enjoys rock climbing, riding and restoring motorcycles, and supporting Arsenal. He is a board member for the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools and the Ozarks Dharma Community.


Thomas DeAscentis

A self-described people-geek, Thomas is committed to enhancing the capabilities of teams, leaders, and organizations. Thomas is fascinated by the relationship between individual and organization and takes a holistic approach to understanding the unique needs of an organization and individual.


His approach is grounded in the belief that we are all on a journey to reach unique full potential. Thomas has spent the last seven years designing, facilitating, and evaluating performance improvement strategies for students, employees, and organizations. He has developed and delivered organizational learning for non-profits, higher-education institutions, consulting firms (Boston Consulting Group), and tech companies (Cisco).


He is most passionate about work that directly contributes to increased performance, happiness, and belonging. Influenced by his MA in Organizational Psychology from William James College and his commitment to transformative change, Thomas is excited to tackle complex topics and challenges with clients.


Thomas is based in Dallas, Texas, and when away from his computer, he can be found hiking, watching Arsenal Football Club, and spending quality time with his fiancée.


We work with a number of partner consultants around the country to ensure that our approach is well researched and fits client needs.

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