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In a recent study 92 percent of executives believe that improving an organization's corporate culture would increase the value of the company, 90 percent believe culture is important at their firms, but only 15 percent believe culture is where it needs to be. 


Culture has become a buzzword that takes the blame when we know something is off but aren't exactly sure what. The first step is identifying what we are calling 'culture' and working from there. A culture rebuild means stripping down to what is working well and starting from there to build for the future. 

Building sustainable, positive, co-created culture is a foundational belief at Paramita. Our process was developed using large amounts of current research to put the science behind our beliefs that culture should work for and be established by the whole company. Research suggests that when employees feel included by the company culture they are more committed to the organization and are more likely to participate in organizational citizenship behaviors. Employees are also more engaged and motivated while being significantly less likely to quit! 

We break our process into 3 stages with 8 total areas of emphasis. 

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What do you believe as an organization?

We believe that representation from every area of the organization is imperative for cultural rebuild to be a success. 

Culture touches every member of an organization, so it should also represent all members of the organization.

Culture is created whether intentionally or unintentionally. It cannot be assigned!

How do your beliefs translate into action?

How do we communicate, act, and do business internally and externally?


Does it align with our beliefs about ourselves and our organization?


How do we measure and improve? 

How many well intentioned plans have died before they ever left the ground? 

Making a plan to evaluate and revisit the plan is how we ultimately see success. 

What key performance indicators can we set in place and track to verify our successes/failures?

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